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Phyllostachys heterocycla
GATA Family
Species TF ID Description
PH01000001G0820GATA family protein
PH01000036G1110GATA family protein
PH01000040G1560GATA family protein
PH01000114G0660GATA family protein
PH01000157G0800GATA family protein
PH01000162G1360GATA family protein
PH01000232G0180GATA family protein
PH01000242G0460GATA family protein
PH01000263G0760GATA family protein
PH01000284G0590GATA family protein
PH01000417G1130GATA family protein
PH01000468G1050GATA family protein
PH01000604G0620GATA family protein
PH01000750G0690GATA family protein
PH01000836G0660GATA family protein
PH01000985G0260GATA family protein
PH01001002G0190GATA family protein
PH01001129G0380GATA family protein
PH01001155G0480GATA family protein
PH01001253G0390GATA family protein
PH01001451G0450GATA family protein
PH01001557G0370GATA family protein
PH01001584G0350GATA family protein
PH01001907G0160GATA family protein
PH01002105G0190GATA family protein
PH01002473G0050GATA family protein
PH01002681G0110GATA family protein
PH01002830G0260GATA family protein
PH01003365G0100GATA family protein
PH01003433G0110GATA family protein
PH01004789G0060GATA family protein
GATA Family Introduction

GATA factors were first identified as proteins that interact with conserved WGATAR (W = T or A; R = G or A) motifs involved in erythroid-specific gene expressionin vertebrates.

GATA factors are characterised by the presence of conserved, type-IV zinc-finger motifs Animal factors typically contain two C-x2-Cx17-C-x2-C zinc-finger domains. The majority of known fungal GATA factors contain a single C-x2-C-x17-C-x2-C finger with greatest similarity to the carboxyl (C) terminal finger of animal GATA factors.Several examples of fungal GATA factors containing a variant C-x2-C-x18-C-x2-C DNA-binding domain are also known.

Examples of both C-x2-C-x17-Cx2-C (Type IVa) and C-x2-C-x18-C-x2-C (Type IVb) GATA factors are found within fungi; animals onlycontain the former configuration, and plants only the latter. Plant GATA factors typically contain a single zinc finger. The Arabidopsis type-IV zinc-finger proteins may represent the previously defined family of nuclear GATA-binding proteins implicated in light-responsive transcription.

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